Home Inspection Pricing

Termite Inspections Are Included (No Additional Charge)

Add-On Services and Discounts

  • Termite Inspection $125.00
    (Stand Alone Service)

    No Additional Fee When Bundled with A Home Inspection

  • Sewer Scope $125.00
    (Bundled With a Home Inspection)
  • Sewer Scope $200.00
    (Stand Alone Service)
  • Septic System (Aerobic) (Bundled With A Home Inspection) $75.00
  • Septic System with Leach Field
    (Bundled With A Home Inspection) $125.00
  • Septic System (Any Stand Alone Septic Service) $150.00
  • Mold Inspection Bundled with A Home Inspection $300.00
  • Mold Inspection (Stand-Alone Service) $350.00
  • Pre-Listing Inspections $100.00
    (Simple Inspection to Help When You’re Selling Your Home)
  • Buyer Assisted Discount ($50.00)
  • Veterans & First Responders Discount ($25.00)
  • Repeat Client Discount (Saves You $15.00)
    Thank You For Hiring Us Again!
  • Ask About Our Cash Discount Opportunity!

Clients save $50.00 when they attend and participate in their home inspection.

This is a great way to learn about the home you hope to own and how the home inspection process works. 

Plus, it’s a fun way to save $50.00!

Ask your home inspector for more details when you schedule your inspection.

Re-Inspections & (2nd Looks)

Reinspection Fees of $100 may be incurred for reinspections to verify repairs in or to complete inspections that were terminated prematurely due to inaccessibility for items of concern.

Personal Belongings NoticeOur inspectors need access to everything including: attics, crawlspaces, electric panels, water heaters and mechanical equipment.  We do not move a property owner’s personal belongings.

We will send a notice to you and your realtor and request the seller’s agent notify their client (seller) concerning the need for complete access. Avoiding this cost is possible with proper planning.

Veterans and First Responders receive $25 off their home inspection.

This discount is extended to anyone employed as a nurse, family services provider and/or provides mental health services.

Termite Inspection Information

Termite Inspections

Inquest Inspections is always on the lookout for Wood Destroying Organisms like termites.

Our inspectors work under the direct supervision of a licensed pest control company and able to deliver a complete termite inspection report to our clients. This report is called an ODAFF-1.

Sewer Scope Inspection Information

We offer an add-on service to scope the main drain. This is performed with a High-Definition camera that is fed from the main clean-out to the sewer connection.


One of the most inconvenient and costly repairs a homeowner may face is failure of the main drain line connecting the home drain to the sewer. These repairs can run into the thousands of dollars and it is never timely nor financially convenient when it occurs. Unfortunately, the main drain line is underground and not visible therefore it is outside the scope of a standard home inspection.

While no home is immune to damage to the main line, it is most often seen in homes where the sewer line is 15 years old and older or has trees in areas close to the main line AND especially if the home was built between 1980 and the early 1900’s. If the home you are purchasing fits this description, please consider having the main line scoped. It will likely be a recommendation in our inspection report.

We offer an add-on service to scope the main drain. This is performed with a High-Definition camera that is fed from the main clean-out to the sewer connection. If you schedule this service to be performed at the time of the home inspection, the cost is $125.00. A licensed plumber may typically charge $300.00 or more for this service. This service is regularly performed on older homes and often issues are discovered that should be addressed. Some issues include early signs of clogs, collapsed lines and tree roots growing inside the line. Even if you are purchasing the home As-Is, sewer line repairs may not be a cost you are willing to incur.

Before choosing this service, please contact the seller or your realtor and ask if any repairs or improvements have been made to the main sewer line.  If no improvements have been made, please consider adding this service to your inspection.

Septic System Inspections (Aerobic)

Septic System Inspections (Drain Field)

Water Well Sample Testing

Samples taken from the property are delivered with a Chain of Custody Document to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality or the Tulsa County Health Department.

  • $125 (Plus Lab Fees Listed Below)
  • Why are water sample so expensive? Because someone has obtain the sample(s), deliver them to lab and complete the required paperwork. Clients are more than welcome to perform this task.
  • Coliforms/E-coli
  • $25
  • Nitrate+Nitrite
  • $25
  • Test fee schedules are available at the Tulsa Health Department. You can visit their site at https://www.tulsa-health.org/environmental-health/inspections for more information.

Swimming Pool & Spa Inspections

Inquest Inspections will perform a “VISUAL ONLY” inspection. Any attempt to assist Clients beyond the scope of a “VISUAL ONLY” inspection shall be considered a courtesy. It is advised to hire a “professional” pool services contractor.

Indoor Air Quality & Mold Inspections

Indoor Air Quality & Mold Inspections

  • Indoor Air Quality & Mold Air Sample Testing

    • We offer indoor air quality & mold air sample testing as an add-on service to combine with a general home inspection or as a stand-alone service
    • Samples are taken on each floor of the home along with an outdoor control/reference sample

    • Results are provided the next business day after the samples are delivered to Pro Labs

  • We perform Mold Testing and Indoor Air Quality Testing throughout The Great State of Oklahoma.

Pre-Listing Home Inspection Information

What’s Covered in a Pre-Listing Inspection?

During Pre-Listing Inspections we walk through the home together.  We will explain the general condition of the home and the systems with you and your agent. We will talk through any issues that need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

All of this will be detailed in our easy-to-read Spectora report, which will be delivered in PDF format. From that report, you’ll be able to see the items we discussed, with images for reference.

Inquest Inspections provides professional and quality service from the moment you call us.

Did You Know?

Statistics show that 40% to 50% of homes are purchased with FHA insured mortgages and approximately 10% of homes are purchased with a VA loan.

Pre-Listing Inspections  are not typical home inspections.  This inspection is used by Sellers to help them prepare to meet the Minimum Property Standards under HUD guidelines. Sellers find the  Pre-Listing Inspection helpful by providing them with a punch list of defects to repair long before being discovered by an FHA appraiser. Pre-Listing Home Inspections are a great way to tell potential buyers, “Our home is ready to move in!”

Structural & Foundation Inspections

Structural Inspections

All inspectors who work under the Inquest Inspections LLC brand are contract inspectors. All of the inspectors are qualified to describe: the conditions on the roof, exposed & visible exterior foundation walls conditions, exposed & visible floor framing and foundation walls, accessible crawlspace conditions and exposed framing in the attic that is accessible & visible. Only a licensed engineer can provide a structural engineering report. If you are concerned about the structural integrity of the home or property you are purchasing, it is recommended you hire a structural engineer.

Not all homes require a structural inspection that involves the services of a licensed structural engineer however Inquest Inspections’ inspectors will always recommend the services of a licensed structural engineer when visible and readily accessible structural defects may require repair recommendations that include modifying the structure and/or foundation. If you are purchasing a property “sight unseen” then it is highly recommended you hire a structural engineer in addition to hiring a home inspector.

Billing Information & Third-Party Services

Refunds, Billing & Discounts

Any fees collected in advance for services not performed will be refunded to clients who paid up-front.

Clients who cancel before the inspection begins will receive a full refund.

Clients who cancel after the inspection has begun will receive a 50% refund for fees collected in advance.

Bill at closing is available for clients working directly WITH THE ASSISTANCE of a Realtor.

Bill at closing is NOT available to clients working WITHOUT the ASSISTANCE of a Realtor.

Clients who choose to hire and pay their own termite inspector will receive a $50 discount off our standard home inspection pricing. Please let the inspector know in advance if you prefer to hire your own termite inspector.

All home inspections fall under the rules outlined in the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board Standards of Practice requirements for home inspections.   Click on the button to view the rules and expectations.