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The Comprehensive +Plus Inspection will include:

  • Lengthy inspection time-frame that may include over 80 pages of details
  • Multiple photos and/or videos of items inspected
  • A water pressure test at the exterior hose bib
  • Inspection of the grounds for potential drainage issues
  • An exhaustive electrical inspection that will include inspecting GFCI’s, multiple electrical outlets on the interior and all exterior outlets as well as the removal of the electric panel dead front panel cover
  • Inspection of installed appliances
  • Complete inspection of the exterior, the roof system, gutters, downspouts, and out-buildings
  • Inspection of garage doors operating in forward and reverse, as well as a video showing the garage door safety sensors functionality and resistance test
  • Visual inspection of the sprinkler system piping and controls (if applicable)
  • Crawlspaces will be inspected with a robot and will include high definition photos
  • The foundation will be inspected for visible structural issues that may require further evaluation by a structural engineer
  • Pools and Spas (if applicable) will be visually inspected
  • Thermal Imaging photos of rooms, windows, exterior doors, ceilings and inside the electrical panel
  • Inspection of fireplaces and a visual inspection of any chimney flues visible from inside the home
  • Inspection of “accessible” attic spaces and Thermal Imaging of the “accessible” ductwork in the attic
  • Photos of all defects identified and will include identifying and documenting cosmetic defects

This inspection is for someone who wants to know as much as possible about the property before they close and is great for investors.

Additional Services & Fees

  • FHA Compliance Evaluation
  • $199

Statistics show that 39% of homes are purchased with FHA insured mortgages and 15% of homes are purchased with a VA loan.

FHA Compliance Evaluations are NOT home inspections.  This evaluation can be used by Sellers for a particular property to help them prepare to meet the Minimum Property Standards under HUD guidelines. As a Seller, the FHA Compliance Evaluation can be helpful by providing you with a punch list of defects to repair long before being discovered by an FHA appraiser.

As a Buyer, the FHA Compliance Evaluation is a tool to help you plan for repairs needed before closing on an FHA backed mortgage such as a 203k loans, 203k Limited, FANNIE MAE and VA loans.

At Inquest Inspections “Protection Begins with Inspection” is our motto and we believe that motto is just as valid for Sellers as it is for Buyers.

This opportunity is yours to take. What are you waiting for?

All home inspections fall under the rules outlined in the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board Standards of Practice requirements for home inspections.   Click on the button to view the rules and expectations.

Refunds and Billing

Any fees collected in advance for Services not performed will be refunded to clients who paid up-front.

Clients who cancel before the inspection begins will receive a full refund.

Clients who cancel after the inspection has begun will receive a 50% refund for fees collected in advance.

Termite Inspections

Termite inspections generally cost between $75 and $100, depending on the size of the home, the pest inspector’s pricing and the distance of travel.  Inquest Inspections is always on the lookout for Wood Destroying Organisms like termites however we are not licensed to perform official termite inspections, nor deliver an ODAFF-1.  We will gladly schedule the termite inspection for our clients if our clients do not have their own termite inspector.

Structural Inspections

Structural inspections are performed by licensed, structural engineers.  Structural inspection prices can range between $350 – $500 and up, depending on the size of the home, distance of travel and scope of work.  Inquest Inspections has relationships with structural engineers who will gladly serve a client’s needs and we are happy to suggest a sampling of engineers for clients to contact.  Not all homes require a structural inspection and it is not necessary to pay the added fee, even if it is bundled with a home inspection.  Before a client pays for a structural inspection, it is best to determine if it is necessary.

Protection Begins With Inspection

It’s YOUR money. It’s YOUR investment. Protect it!