Protection Begins with Inspection

IAC2 Mold Certified

Inquest Inspections is an IAC2 member. Click on the logo link to verify the the mold inspector’s credententials.

Todd WillisCertified Mold Inspector

Peace of mind that’s guaranteed!

Added Bonus! $50 Discount!

For buyers who want to save money we offer a $50 discount on all home inspection fees that are paid in advance.

If the home they are buying does not close for ANY reason their next home inspection is FREE.

Our only condition is that the buyer(s) must hire the same realtor for the next home.

What’s Inside the Report?

Providing clients with a detailed report is important. It’s the next best thing to being involved in the actual inspection. The report created by Inquest Inspections includes many photos with narratives.

Our job is to provide clients with as much information as possible. That is exactly what we do!

Protection Begins With Inspection

It’s YOUR money. It’s YOUR investment. Protect it!