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Protection Begins With Inspection

It’s Your money.  It’s Your investment.  Protect it!

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Zero-Risk Inspections & Peace of Mind

If the home you’re buying doesn’t make it to closing for ANY reason your inspection fee is waived. Peace of mind that’s guaranteed!

Your Zero-Risk Advantage

Inquest Inspections is the only home inspection company that offers home buyers true peace of mind with a Zero-Risk Guarantee. Buyers are not required to pay for their home inspection up-front. No additional fee! Buyers can wait to pay for their inspection at the time of closing.  If the home does not close for ANY reason the home inspection fee is waived.  Guaranteed!  It’s written in our agreement. Check out our pricing here.

For buyers who want to save money Inquest Inspections offers a $50 up-front payment discount on all home inspection fees that are paid in advance.  As an added bonus we give buyers the peace of mind knowing if the home they are buying does not close for ANY reason their next home inspection is FREE.  Our only condition is that the buyer(s) must hire the same realtor for the next home.  Check out our pricing here.

Providing clients with a detailed report is important. It’s the next best thing to being involved in the actual inspection. The report created by Inquest Inspections includes many photos with narratives. Our job is to provide clients with as much information as possible and that is exactly what we do. Check out one of our reports here.

It’s YOUR money. It’s YOUR investment. Protect it!

I am the Founder and Owner of Inquest Inspections.  I have experience working in the residential and commercial real estate market that spans over a decade.  Some of my experience includes a licensed Property Adjuster in Oklahoma & Texas and a Project Manager for THD Construction in San Antonio, TX.  I have helped 100’s of home owners over the years in Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri and Kansas file insurance claims and coordinate the repair of their storm damaged property.

We utilize high tech devices and tools in order to obtain access to places and spaces other inspectors pass on.  I also utilize infrared technology to help identify what may be hiding behind and underneath spaces not noticeable to the human eye.  I employ a wide array of other high tech devices to help my clients make informed decisions.

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Protection Begins With Inspection

It’s YOUR money. It’s YOUR investment. Protect it!