Protection Begins With Inspection

It’s Your money.  It’s Your investment.  Protect it!

I am the Founder and Owner of Inquest Inspections.  I have experience working in the residential and commercial real estate market that spans over a decade.  Some of my experience includes being a licensed journeyman in the natural gas industry, and a licensed Property Adjuster in Oklahoma & Texas.  I have helped 100’s of home owners over the years in Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri and Kansas file insurance claims and coordinate the repair or their storm damaged property.

Why Choose Inquest Inspections To Inspect Your Property

Purchasing property is an investment. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new home, an older home or a commercial building.

 What’s inside an Inquest Inspections Home Inspection report? Learn more here.

It’s YOUR money. It’s YOUR investment. Protect it!

My experience with residential and light commercial construction spans over several years that began in my early twenties.  I have owned multiple rental properties, including a multi-unit apartment building.  As a roof inspector and licensed adjuster in Oklahoma and Texas I have traversed over 1,000 roof tops, inspected countless residential and commercial properties and worked as a Project Manager in Texas for a construction contractor.

Providing clients with a detailed report is important. It’s the next best thing to being involved in the actual inspection.  It’s like reading a story about the property’s life history.  It also provides insight into what may happen with the property in the future. The report created by Inquest Inspections is lengthy and includes many photos with narratives.  My job is to provide my clients with as much information as possible and that is exactly what I do.

The fees assessed for each inspection are presented a la carte.  Everyone loves options!  The base cost for each home is determined by the total square footage of the home.  The larger the home, the longer the inspection will take.  I always follow the InterNachi standards of practice for each inspection.

Some Sellers and/or Buyers want a more exhaustive inspection and that’s why Inquest Inspections offers an a la carte menu of additional services.

Take Advantage of Our Buy-Back Guarantee!

If I miss a major defect, InterNACHI® will buy your home back for the same price you paid!

I utilize high tech devices and tools in order to obtain access to places and spaces other inspectors pass on.  I also utilize infrared technology to help identify what may be hiding behind and underneath spaces not noticeable to the human eye.  I employ a wide array of other high tech devices to help my clients make informed decisions.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact an inspector directly at:

Tulsa Area 918-998-4240

Oklahoma City Area 405-365-2660

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Protection Begins With Inspection

It’s YOUR money. It’s YOUR investment. Protect it!