Robotic Crawlspace Inspections

Inspection Robot

We have the latest technology available to inspect the crawlspace under your home.  Many home inspectors will no longer enter crawlspaces due to the unknown dangers that may exist.  Peace-of-mind is now available with a robotic crawlspace inspection provided by Inquest Inspections.

Thermal Imaging (Infrared)

An infrared camera detects infrared energy (aka heat energy) and converts that energy into a signal which is then processed by the camera’s software to produce a thermal image or a video.  Temperature calculations are performed to produce images the human eye is not capable of seeing.

Buyer’s and Seller’s Home Inspection

Buyer’s Home Inspections are generally performed during a real estate transaction.  Even if a buyer chooses to “opt-out” of purchasing a buyer’s inspection, their mortgage company may still require a home inspection be performed.

Protection Begins With Inspection

It’s YOUR money. It’s YOUR investment. Protect it!